Frequently asked questions

1. How does the Own Zone Transmitter connect to a device (TV, Computer, DVR, Cable Box)?

The Own Zone transmitter can connects to your device using two cables; one of the included Audio cables for the sound and the included USB cable for power. 

The cables included are:

•  Optical Cable 

•  RCA Cable 

•  AUX Cable 

•  USB Cables 

2. Can Own Zone be used with a computer or laptop?

Yes! Plug the AUX cable into the computer/laptop"s headphone port & the other end into the transmitter. Then, power the transmitter by putting the small end into the transmitter & large end into the computer/laptop. Adjust volume on your computer/laptop.

3. Can two headsets be paired to one transmitter, or is it only one headset for each transmitter?

Yes, multiple headsets can be paired to one transmitter. Follow the pairing instructions on page 8 of your instruction manual.

4. How many cables need to be plugged into the transmitter?

2 - 1 to power the device (micro USB) and 1 to connect to an audio source (optical, RCA, AUX.)

5. How do I charge the headphones?

The preferred method of charging is using the included Micro USB cable with a USB power source (not included), such as a cell phone charger or computer. You can also charge through your TV, but please ensure the TV is powered ON.

6. I hear a beep during audio playback, what is this?

Your headphones need to be charged. Use the included micro USB cable to charge your headphones.

7. When using headphones on a TV can others also hear the TV?

Yes, when using the Optical or RCA cable connection methods, others will be able to the the TV normally. You can also mute the TV and listen via the headphones if you prefer other to not hear the TV. 

8. Why can I only hear sound out of 1 side of the headphones?

This can occur when a cable is not fully connected. Be sure to check that all cables are firmly inserted into your TV & transmitter. 

9. Can I install Own Zone into my cable or satellite box?

Yes, Own Zone can be installed with these devices to hear your TV, but please note that sound will not be heard if using a separate device such a DVD player or an application like Netflix, Hulu, etc. 

10. Why isn’t the provided optical cable fitting into my TV"s port?

 The optical cable that is included with your Own Zone has plastic coverings at the end of each side that need to be removed before using. 

11. I have my own Optical, RCA, AUX cables, can I use those instead of the ones provided?

Yes! Own Zone will work with any cord of this type, not just the ones included. 

12. I can hear audio, but there is also static interference

Follow these steps to check the audio playback from your headphones: 

•  Make sure that you are in range or move closer to the transmitter. 

•  If step 1 does not help, lower the volume on your headphones and on the TV. Maximum volume (or close to max) can have static interference or hissing effect. 

•  If steps 1 and 2 do not address the issue, check to see that the transmitter is properly connected to the TV.

13. Why can"t I hear audio from my headphones?

Follow these steps to check the audio playback from your headphones: 

•  Check to see that the transmitter and your headphones are both turned ON 

•  Check that all cables from the TV to the transmitter are connected properly 

•  Check that the transmitter is plugged in to the AC outlet or powered USB 

•  Check that your headphones are charged - indicated by a solid, blue light 

•  Check that the headphones are within 100 feet of the transmitter 

•  Check that the TV is not on mute 

•  Check that the headphone volume is turned up high enough 

•  Check that an audio output port is being used 

•  Try turning the volume up on your cable box then mute the TV